GF Bridal Couture Sponsors a Wedding gown to the value of R 15 000 to a bride from the Wedding-Expo competition 61

The Win A Wedding Couple – Pamela and Derek Tie The Knot

Pamela and Derek didn’t have a theme, they are more of “go with a flow” kind of people. They had everything but a non traditional wedding.The planning process for the couple was a real pain and a lot of hard work. Since they won the wedding, it was extremely difficult to get all the sponsors on the same page. But at the end of the day everyone had done an outstanding job and we were really happy with the outcome.

How did they win the competition? On the 14th of March (Saturday) her sister asked her to go with her to The Wedding Expo so she could get a couple ideas for her wedding. On arriving there was a “Win A Wedding Competition” they (her sister and herself) filled in the form and put it in the box like all the other 100’s of woman and carried on looking around. Just by pure luck they happened to walk past the stage when they heard a lady on stage call for “Pamela De Carvalho”, she was shocked and a bit nervous and went on stage. She was one of the 6 finalists for the draw of “Win A wedding”. They told her she had to return on the Sunday with her fiance for the final draw. She got all excited and called her fiancé (Derek) and told him what had just happened.

They went back on the the Sunday and all the finalists were called on stage, gave them all goodie bags and done the drum roll. All she remembers hearing was “…and the winners are …Pamela De Carvalho and Derek Crawford”. There is no way she could describe the feeling they had felt, it was absolutely amazing.

When asked if Pamela would have done anything differently she said she wouldn’t change anything. Even though they were suppose to have a garden wedding and it ended up being inside the chapel due to a rainy miserable day, it still turned out amazing. They cant complain about anything even if they wanted to.

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